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Shamese Campbell is a Virtual CFO and Accounting Operations Manager that encourages entrepreneurs to be Ledger Confident™, so that they can make more strategic business decisions to manage their profits and keep more of what they earn.

There’s a serious gap between Income Generation & Income Management within the small business community which leads to lower profit margins, higher tax liabilities, and virtually no retained earnings for retirement. 

After witnessing her loved ones who couldn’t afford to retire, she decided to leverage her corporate accounting experience and finance background to launch The General Ledger Group.

The General Ledger Group is a virtual accounting, tax and financial development firm that helps high-performing agency owners and dynamic service providers eliminate their accounting headache to increase the life and profitability of their business. We specialize in providing premium, corporate-level, accounting & finance solutions to 6 & 7 figure brands and agencies; including cash flow advisory, monthly operational support, and done-for-you clean-up services.
Our main priority is to equip small business owners with the confidence in understanding their financial story to make more informed business decisions to scale. We assure this by alleviating the stress and hassle caused by D-I-Y money management and starter-level bookkeeping to provide greater visibility into what makes up your bottom-line.

"we are Bridging the gap between Income Generation & Income Management in the Small Business Community”


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