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Reinforcing Ledger Confidence™

The General Ledger Group is a virtual accounting, tax and financial development firm that helps established entrepreneurs and agency owners eliminate their accounting headache to increase the life and profitability of their business. We specialize in accounting clean-up services, cash flow strategy, and outsourced monthly accounting & bookkeeping services.

Our main priority is to equip small business owners with the confidence in understanding their financial story to make more informed business decisions. We ensure this by alleviating the stress and hassle caused by D-I-Y money management to provide greater visibility into what makes up your bottom-line.

Clean-Up Services

Make tax season a breeze. We’re sure you didn’t start your business to crunch numbers all day. Now is the time to take charge of your financials and outsource your money management. Be prepared for that annual April deadline by having your financials readily available at your fingertips.

Cash Flow Strategy

Financial development is key. Not exactly sure how well your business is doing, how much you’re spending, or where you should be allocating your profits? Make sure you have a solid plan in place to support your financial success. Remember, wealth isn’t how much you earn but how much you keep! Building a solid financial foundation is one of the most critical steps in preparing for the success and future of your business.

Monthly Accounting

More than just traditional bookkeeping. In addition to making sure every dollar is accounted for, we help you understand the financial story existing within your business operations. Bringing in the revenue is truly half the battle. Understanding your cash flow is how you generate a profit. Know your numbers.


1. the feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s ability to understand their financial story to build wealth and create their legacy;

2. the feeling or belief that one can rely on the exceptional financial planning & management of their cash flow

know your numbers

Understanding your financial story is more than just glancing over your bottom line month-over-month. Learn how to understand what your money is really telling you.

grow your business

Make smarter, more informed business decisions that will position you to increase your profits, reduce your tax liability, and fund your dream life.

financial freedom

Wealth is not how much you earn, it’s how much you keep! Create a solid strategy to grow your business, pay off debt and build real wealth.

build your legacy

The management of your business finances has a direct impact on your personal legacy. Learn how to conquer your financial goals.


Meet the Owner

Shamese Campbell is a virtual accounting manager that encourages entrepreneurs to be Ledger Confident, so that they can make more strategic business decisions to manage their profits and keep more of what they earn.

After witnessing her loved ones who couldn’t afford to retire, she decided to leverage her corporate accounting experience and finance background to launch The General Ledger Group; a virtual accounting and financial development firm that equips small business owners with the confidence in understanding their financial story to increase the life and profitability of their business.

There’s a serious gap between Income Generation & Income Management within the small business community which leads to lower profit margins, higher tax liabilities, and virtually no retirement plans.

Read more to learn why she’s on a mission to bridge the gap and help entrepreneurs thrive.

Shamese K. Campbell

Owner & Principal Accountant

Know Your NumbersUnderstand Your Financial StoryBe Ledger Confident™

— Ledgers & Legacy —

The legacy of not only your business, but of your life, is directly tied to your cash management and decision making.

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