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Q: Where is The General Ledger Group located?

We are a virtual Accounting & Financial Development firm based out of the Washington, DC metropolitan area.  Our services are tailored to meet the needs of the small business creative primarily operating in the digital space.  For larger projects that require a staff member on site, travel may be accommodated.  Please send an email to inquire @ .


Q: What is Ledger Confidence™ and how can it help me?

Being Ledger Confident™ simply means that you have a secure grip on your business financials and cash flow.  You understand the Financial Story existing within your ledger and are equipped to make more informed business decisions to build your company and increase your profits.  Increased transparency over your business dollars will allow you to keep more of what you earn to conquer your financial goals and help you to retire comfortably.


Q: Do you offer tax preparation services?

Yes, we do!  The General Ledger Group is licensed to provide tax filing services for Individuals, Sole Proprietors, and LLCs.  To learn more, please send a direct email to .


Q: I already work with a tax preparer.  Can we still partner?

Of course!  Someone has to get those statements to balance for your tax return.  Your tax agent will be thrilled about our partnership and we will gladly interface with them directly.


Q: I need help with my personal finances.  Can you help me?

We’ve built a niche around helping small business owners build solid financial foundations, which includes personal elements as well.  Most of our packages include a personal finance component to help you with budgeting, debt payoff, life insurance, and getting started with investments for retirement.


Q: What accounting systems do you use?

We have a serious love for QuickBooks Online due to its seamless interface and functionality for the small business owner.  However, we can and do work with other systems such Microsoft Dynamics for larger accounts.


Q: Do you offer discounts on QuickBooks subscriptions?

Why, yes of course.  Wholesale pricing (50% off current retail value) is exclusively available for clients who elect any of the “Done-For-You” subscription services.


Q: I need help with a project not listed in your service guide.  Do you offer retainer options?

Retainer options are available for monthly & project based accounting services.  Please send a direct email to to inquire.


Q: Do you offer payment plans?

For larger clean-up and consulting services, payment plans are available and require a deposit to secure your start date.  All of the details will be outlined in your custom proposal and agreement.


Q: I would love to partner with you on a future project or workshop.  How can we connect?

Hey there!  Please send an email directly to and let me know about your upcoming project.  Not quite clear on the details but have a specific vision in mind?  Let’s chat to determine how we can collab!


Q: I need your help now!  How do I book?

Congrats on wanting to take this super important step in managing your business financials!  Let’s start with a 20 minute Discovery Session (value $47) so that we can learn more about your accounting & bookkeeping needs.  Click HERE to complete the quick questionnaire and to receive a scheduling link to book your slot.  Or, if you’d prefer, you can send an email to noting the details of your project.  Looking forward to chatting with you soon!