Wealth is measured in time, not dollars.

How you manage your cash flow separates the successful from the wealthy.


I am personally witnessing two loved ones go through the hardships of not properly building a solid financial foundation.  They should be retired but simply cannot afford to.  It’s a very difficult situation to witness.

Although their businesses were highly profitable throughout the course of their career (income generation), they lacked actual cash strategy and had no foundation or plan in place for the future (income management).

Can you imagine being over the age of 65 and still having to work to maintain your standard of living?

All because you didn’t take the time to map out a plan for financial freedom.

Although my degree and corporate background is in Accounting, it just wasn’t enough to break the generational cycle that started well before my mother and grandmother.

I, myself, personally racked up $5,000 worth of debt with my first business venture a few years ago and didn’t save a dime because I acted on impulse.  So while my financials were managed and everything was in order for tax season, I didn’t put in the front-end work of building a solid foundation to support the return.

Just like them, I never took the time to understand the story behind my numbers.  I just did whatever I thought it took to get this new hobby-driven business off of the ground.  This is where the concept of Ledger Confidence™ was birthed. 

When I took a step back and realized what had happened and how I had inherited the bad habits of my loved ones, I realized that something needed to be done.

To be frank, I’m so tired of seeing our elders who can’t retire because their coins weren’t managed appropriately with a goal in mind.  It saddens me to hear that so many people are living paycheck-to-paycheck when they could break the curse by leveraging someone for help.

But unfortunately money is such a taboo topic in America.

I know that I can’t change the world all by myself overnight, so I’m starting with the creatives who are successful in monetizing their passions so that they don’t make the same mistakes.

The popularity of owning your own business is at an all-time high and I’m on a serious crusade to break the generational curse that exists not only within the small business community but in the African American community as well.

My ultimate goal is to make sure you understand your financial story

and help you create a personal roadmap to financial freedom.



Shamese Campbell is a virtual accounting manager that encourages small business creatives to be Ledger Confident™ and helps them to really understand the financial story behind their numbers.

After witnessing her loved ones who couldn’t afford to retire, she decided to leverage her corporate accounting experience of working for a million dollar tech start-up to help small business owners manage their profits and keep more of what they earn.

Her ultimate mission is to equip entrepreneurs to make smarter, more informed business decisions that will position them to create and live the life of their dreams. As a Ledger Guru, she specializes in alleviating the stress and hassle of back office financial management by building solid financial foundations that support the success of turning passions into profit.


When I’m not behind my computer screen managing your creative coins in the cloud or hosting financial workshops, you’ll probably find me doing one of the below:

  • studying Spanish in the DR (that island is literally becoming my second home)
  • plotting on how to conquer the hunger games for premium seating at Beyonce’s next concert (heeeyyyy hive!)
  • catching up on The Walking Dead (is it bad that I have a legit crush on Negan even though my heart is with Daryl? #leSigh)
  • in the nail salon getting a fresh pink manicure.  It’s my signature
  • sitting in the mirror for hours doing a brist out (braid + twist).  The longer my natural coils get, the longer it takes me to do this head of mine!
  • designing an event because I’m obsessed with opulent tablescapes (my first venture)
  • head down in a DIY crafting project because who doesn’t love metallic spray paint, hot glue, and glitter?
  • Learning how to dance Salsa & Kizomba.  So much fun & such a stress reliever!
  • having an epic girls night that probably includes Sangria and DIY Flatbreads (yum!)